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theperseveringpromise disse: Hey! Sorry to bother, but please check us out! We're a post-hardcore band with a lot of exciting news coming up. We just got done promoting on Warped Tour nationwide, and we have a new single with guest vocals by Chad Ruhlig (Rise Records). LIKE us on Facebook too for exciting updates and FREE giveaways! (link is on our Tumblr)

Pessoal olhem a banda desses caras. FODA

wethecollectors disse: Hey I saw you posted something about A Skylit Drive. Good Band! Well if you like them, I think you may possibly like my band We the Collectors. Well only one way to find out, right? Search "We the Collectors" (from Glendale Arizona) on facebook, "like" us and help spread the word! It would mean a lot! Thanks!

I love your band <3 I really do

fuck-heartbreaker-bitch disse: seguindoooo , segue de volta ?

sigo :3

Eu vou manter o coração batendo. - A Skylit Drive

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Para onde eu irei quando eu morrer? - A Skylit Drive

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O que te faz diferente de mim? - A Skylit Drive

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Às vezes é difícil encontrar uma razão boa o bastante. - Skillet
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Deixe o mundo explodir. - Skillet

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Você sabe que sou forte o bastante. - Skillet

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Olhe em volta para este mundo que fizemos. - Rush

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